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making a new guild in perun server
lamp 0

GamesCom 2012 - Booth babes
The best reason to wait in line for games at GamesCom in Europe.

Wanting to play
sitting in school, longing for RoM!
Dahliamurder 2

Becoming a member of RoMcluster
The beginning ^^
Dahliamurder 0

Saige 1

Im comeing back!
Allmightyyaweh 2

All About Heroes Guild
Xenaqueen 3

Illyana 1

First Impressions
A fairly lengthy review of my first impressions of the game
Casteylan 0

Begining Runes of Magic
1 day and 14 houers since i started playing this game now.
DiabolicD 1

The Beginning
The Beginning of a noob in a elite world.
Araerker 1

Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy
New chapter of Runes of Magic will be realesed this year. New features are coming!
Araerker 0

Are you just playing, or have you made a home?
Taborea's Master Couturiers have outdone themselves again and created a new collection for the catwalks of Varanas, proving artisan craftsmanship and creativity that made them famous.
Khelban 0

Secret of the Treasure Trove revealed
New dungeon for Runes of Magic already deployed on the test server
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1836 Patch Notes - May 5
Here are the notes for Patch 1836 going live today.
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Resource acquisition with the new plant system!
Craftsmen and artisans are always looking for the best materials, the rarest and most valuable ingredients. They have to travel far, climb the steepest hills and are always in danger of getting run over by roaming monsters only to harvest a few bits and pieces.
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Patch 1834 - 4/28/09
Here are the notes for Patch 1834.
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Apocalypse guild are losers....
the worse guild I have seen so far is Apocalypse.
Spectural 3

Packed and Cheerful May Celebrations!
The merry month of May is approaching and we want to celebrate it the right way.
Khelban 0

New Feature: Public Encounter
A new feature has been added to the palette of exciting content for Runes of Magic: Public Encounters.
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Pimp your character week!
Taborea, more then just a world filled with thousands of adventures and dangers but a place where you can be yourself.
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10-22-2013, 11:09
Sweetshorty: geht hier überhaupt was ^^ 0

08-31-2012, 15:31
shandir82: Suche eine Gilde für RoM in Tuath! 0

05-15-2012, 10:28
Diepüppi: Kann ma bitte einer für sorgen das man diese sinnlos events abschafft!!!! Wie Püppchen hier für dauerevent vom Blumenfest ist!!! 2

04-20-2012, 18:32
Diepüppi: ogog wie noch net fertch gib gummi un so 1

04-17-2012, 17:06
Diepüppi: sardo sterben ogog und so ach ne doch nicht lol 9

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